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Canadian Cosplay Cards



Canadian Cosplay Cards is the first supplier of cosplay trading cards. Cosplayers from across Canada can submit to have their card take place in the set, whether they've been cosplaying for twenty years or two! The cards are a fantastic way to find other cosplayers to collaborate with, or just to use as trading cards!

Our debut set will be released September 1st, 2019. Details will follow on the next set, which we hope hope to release in early 2020. For ordering cards, see "Ordering". To get your card in the next set, see "Card Applications".

Checklist and Card Preview

title Checklist
Card Front Card Back

Card Application

To submit a card, please fill out the form below and click submit. A preview for what we accept for information is available above. For processing, etransfers can be made to cancosplaycards@gmail.com. If you do not have a social media account, or do not wish for it to be on the card, please write "None" in the corresponding input box.

A Fourth Platform of Choice

Ordering Cards!




Each set includes all 52 cards in a specially designed card box.


$0.75 each, or 3 for $2

Singles are your choice of any card in the set, however many you want.

Extra Boxes


Our card boxes are specially designed for each set. Keep your singles here, or use as a box for emergency repair when travelling!

Click here to order 2019 cards! If the link doesn't work, email cancosplaycards@gmail.com with the number of singles, sets, extra card boxes you would like and your address! We will email you back with the final cost, plus shipping.