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Cosplay Cards

WELCOME TO CAN COSPLAY CARDS!  We offer awesome and innovative trading cards of cosplayers from across Canada, North America and (hopefully) the world! Anyone is eligible to enter, we just need you to follow our guidelines (image size – 300 dpi, a write up about you, some social media links and we also need a screenshot of your photographer’s blessing and their best social media link). The cards are great for trading your own, collecting sets and being used as charity giveaways at conventions, charity functions and pretty much any other event you can imagine.

HOW DO YOU ENTER A CARD? Just SCROLL DOWN and use our quick and easy Electronic Entry Form.

WANT TO ORDER SOME CARDS? Click on the set, have a look and let us know what you would like. Follow the ordering instructions on the page or just email us your order to We’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have and make it a seamless transaction so you can get your cards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Series 2 Title Card
Series 3 Title Card

set 1

September 2019


set 2

June 2021


set 3

December 2021


Canplay Card Application