Kid Remington is an alt-country singer/songwriter from Winnipeg Manitoba.

In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Kid is regarded as an exceptional showman. His style is mostly in the alt-country genre, but is also infused with rock and old country, and is driven with the heartbeat of David Bowie. One of his most well-known songs is “Yellow Ribbon”, a tribute to a fallen soldier and his dream car. “A Knight’s Tale” is a letter to the youth of today to visualize and embrace the opportunity to change the world. “Jeff Song” talks about 3 different guys named Jeff and how they came into the life of Kid and in different degrees passed on from him. The songs are deep, the voice is soaked in emotion – but controlled as not to show the world every card yet to play. 

Kid Remington got his start singing in hallways at high school and winning a contest on the radio to win a guitar signed by Jeff Healey. He played in a hard rock band (The Marked Men – from Winnipeg – not Texas) focusing on originals and writing lyrics. When that ran it’s course he picked up the guitar and joined a country/rock cover band (Third Gear) playing in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario burning up the miles learning a lot and making some great memories. More recently he played in the acoustic group Broadkaster and the Clark Bros.. 

When the pandemic hit he went solo, concentrating on solo shows, songwriting and live streaming. Looking forward to getting back onto stages wherever he safely can.



Kid Remington’s debut is available for purchase for $5, plus shipping.

Track Listing:

  1. A Knight’s Tale (4:45) (C.Smadella)
  2. Life Story (3:58) (R.Paradis)
  3. Sane and Dry (4:24) (J.Mierke)

Kid Remington’s debut demo UNO was released on April 1st, 2019, on his own label. The songs are heavy, and wear like your favourite coat – a guarded layer of feeling and thought.

The project came together after a New Years Day ride out to see the incredible Uno Train Trestle in Western Manitoba. By happenstance, Kid ended up talking to the owner of a studio he had previously recorded in and found out it was closing it’s doors. These sessions were the last recordings in Platinum and Gold Studios in Winnipeg.